Princess Tea Party – Pricing

Extra Savings 

$575.00 minimum party of 10 (includes birthday child)

Princess Performer or Character of your choice!

$75.00 for additional Princess Performer/Character

$25.00 per additional guest (25 maximum guests)

$35.00 for extra staff personnel

$75.00 for extra 1/2 hour $150.00 for extra hour (restrictions apply) We recommend purchasing an extra hour for parties of 17 or more and must be either the first or last party of the day.

$150 non-refundable deposit unless canceled 30 days in advance minus fees. There will be a $50 cancellation fee.

$20 fee will be charge for date and/or time.

Please let us know the correct number of children attending! We know that you may not be able to pin-point the exact number but APPROXIMATELY 5 DAYS BEFORE YOUR PARTY, THE MANAGER of Olivia’s will contact you to find out how many guests will be attending the party and answer any last minute questions you may have. If you give us a head count of guests that requires us to add an additional staff member and that number of children do not show you will be charged an ‘over staffing’ fee of $35.00 but you will not be charged for the guest who do not attend except for minimum party (which is 7). This only pertains to parties of 15 or more and again for parties 22 or more. For dual parties: $25.00 additional charge each additional birthday child or guest of honor.

Princess Tea Party Includes the following:

Beauty Parlor – Hair, light make-up fingernail polish
Princess Performer or Character of your choice
Princess/Character Story Time with songs
The Fashion show with Princess/Character
Tea Party (Lemonade, dessert provided) with Princess/Character                                               Food brought in for the children must be approved of by the management
Digital Fashion show picture of each child with Princess/Character emailed to parent/host 
Treasure Chest gift for each guest
Special Doll for Birthday Girl/Guest of Honor
Take Home Mini 5″ cake for Birthday child/guest of honor