Your Private Tea Party

IMG_1359_2nd_PartyWe give your child a party they’ll remember forever.
The memories we create at our parties are priceless and they last a lifetime!

Olivia’s Dollhouse Tea Rooms specialize in private dress-up tea parties for little girls and adults who are a child at heart. All of our facilities are beautifully decorated and are truly a little girl’s dream come true. The whole doll house comes alive in a fairytale like setting with interactive birds, teddy bears that sing
or tell stories at a touch of a button , and curio’s that are full of collectable tea sets and memorabilia.

Once you close the door behind you and your party begins, you will be transported out of reality and into a scene right out of a storybook that you, your daughter, and your guests, will never forget. This is a party where you can relax, enjoy, and leave the work up to us. Keep in mind that the mothers love this party as much as the children do.

The guest of honor is greeted with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign with her name on it. We crown her “The Birthday Queen “with a Tiara of her choice and usher her into our dress-up room where the first part of the party takes place. Stylized like a ritzy, upscale boutique with wall to wall mirrors, plush Victorian carpets and a jewelry armoire full of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. There are also hats, boas, purses, wands and over 300 gowns to choose from, all on full display, Of course the birthday queen gets 1st choice of everything.

After she and all her guests are dressed in the gown of their choice, it’s time to help the girls accessorize and finish getting ready for the upcoming FASHION SHOW. They are all pampered with make-up, their choice of nail polish, and a new hair style.


The Fashion Show

IMG_1900_3rd_PartyOur Fashion Show is next and takes place in the parlor where they line up and are introduced individually so that everyone can admire and compliment her attire. We take a digital picture of each girl so they will have something to remember this wonderful experience.





The Tea Party

IMG_1434The Birthday girl sits in a throne under a chandelier at a special heart shaped table. She has a bell she rings for service and each girl has her own tea pot that we fill with pink lemonade. We start them out with an appetizer tray of cut vegetables, pretzels and dip. The next course is lunch or dinner depending on which time slot you book. The meal is served on tiered tea trays and consists of 3 different kinds of crustless finger sandwiches, turkey, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and the hot hor’dorves are cheese pizza, and hot dogs on toothpicks.

When they are done with their meal, we also provide a 5″ Inch Double layer round cake with the Birthday Girl’s name sprinkles and a mini tiara on it. After we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and she blows out her candles, we box it up for her to take home and share with her family. We then serve individual dessert trays for each of the girls consisting of a bite size brownie in the middle surrounded by gummy bears, a sour belt, mini cookies, a chocolate kiss, M&M’s, a cherry tootsie roll and we top off the trays with a fluffy piece of cotton candy. They absolutely love the dessert trays.


oliviaspicp02d_presentsFor small parties of 10 girls or less and only if time permits, we can open gifts.
Your hostess will write everything down on a gift list and bag them up to take home. If it’s a large party or if there is no time to open gifts we will bag them up and set them aside for you to open later at home.







Party Favors

oliviaspic02e_dollTreasure Chest, Photo Keepsake and a Victorian Doll.

As the girls are leaving they get their picture from the Fashion Show, and they get to pick the party favor of their choice from the Treasure Chest. The party favors are themed toward the party such as mini porcelain tea sets, make-up kits, princess stationary/ diaries, wands, and hair accessories. The Birthday girl has a choice of one of our porcelain Victorian Dolls or she can pick twice out of our Treasure Chest.